What’s the difference between DTG and Screen Printing?

There are pros and cons for both DTG and screen printing. DTG is lower in price for small runs whereas screen printing can be much more expensive. The same can be said for printing in different colors. With DTG you can print in as many colors as you like, however, with screen printing the price again increases with each color that is used. Screen printing although more expensive is a great investment because the print on garments will last many wash cycles and sometimes longer than the garment itself. DTG however, will give you around 15 washes before the print starts to fade. Screen printing can also be done on any colored garment but DTG can only be used on light color garments. Using screen printing is also faster for large runs versus DTG which is much slower. If you are compressed for time it is a better choice to use screen printing.

Why us?

We have set ourselves apart in the garment printing industry because of our strong customer service. Xfinity Media strives for nothing but exceptional quality and service. This can be seen from our customer reviews and we are proud to say that each and every customer has left happy with their product. There is no minimum limit to the order so anyone can come to us whether it’s have a small order or a complicated design; we ensure that we accommodate you to the best of our ability. Our prices are fair and affordable for everyone. We ask for a low fee of $20 to design a customer’s logo and make sure that they are happy with it before we start printing. Our company can do it all from t-shirts to hoodies to sweatpants we can print on all types of garments. So come on in or use our online “Get a Quote” page and get started with your first order with Xfinity Media!

Why hoodies are the best garment to customize during the winter season?

A great garment to print on during the winter are hoodies. Whether it may be for a sporting event or company event, custom hoodies look great and will help keep you warm! Hoodies will be a better choice than jackets as they are more cost effective, easier to print on and more comfortable to wear. The print on hoodies will last longer meaning that your brand will be out there longer to attract attention to your business. Many companies think of printing on shirts which look fantastic in the summer but can be covered up by another layer of clothing in the winter. Marketing using hoodies is a good opportunity to continue promoting your brand because everyone loves wearing hoodies during the cold season.




Tshirt Printing store in Surrey

Xfinity Media is a garment printing company and we strive to demonstrate the best customer service while presenting out clientele with the best quality products. I started this journey in the summer of 2016 after I graduated high school. All I had to begin this business was a budget of $300 dollars and a dream to one day expand this business from my bedroom to a full blown print production company. Initially all work was outsourced because we did not have the equipment to be able to print ourselves. However, I knew in order to go further in this industry we needed to have our own warehouse and machines. At first we printed on almost anything, we printed business cards, flyers, banners, signs, etc. In April 2017, we decided to focus on specializing in printing on only garments. We bought our first machine, a DTG printer. Later as we saw success in the garment business we turned to screen printing. Since than we have managed to retain many more clients and hope to keep expanding our business further in BC.