About Us


How it all started

I started Xfinity as a promotional products company in 2016 after graduating from high school. I had been working in a warehouse part-time for over a year by then and I knew that I was not fit for the job world. I wanted to work on my own terms so I decided to start something on my own.

For the first year, all of our work was outsourced to local companies. However, outsourcing meant that I had no control over Quality, Timelines, and Cost. A year later I decided to focus only on Customized Apparel and got my first screen printing and DTG machine. In the beginning we just did custom t-shirts, hoodies and polos.

Fast forward to 2022, we're offering thousands of products including jackets, pants, hats, bags, and much more from suppliers from across North America.

  • Team Members working on your projects

  • Years of Experience in Tshirt Printing

  • Tshirts Printed in past and counting


Customer Experience

Growing up, my parents really emphasized on me being polite to others and greeting people with a smile. When I first started outsourcing our work to other companies, I noticed a sheer lack of customer service. Getting a quote or following up was often an uncomfortable process. It was hard to get detailed answers for my questions and it always felt like I was being done a favor.

So from day one, Xfinity Team members have been trained to carefully listen, answer questions, and guide our customers towards choosing the right garment and decoration method. And, we do all this with a smiling face and an uplifting tone.

“Our goal is to build a company that gives customer-facing at best ability to create fruitlful and enduring relationships with customers”


Founder & CEO


After customer service, our next most important goal is unmatched product quality. We have invested in state of the art equipment and facilities. We offer 5 different printing methods to ensure that the final product has vibrant colors, feels good to the touch and lasts the life of the garment. Any new types of garments and print methods are first wash tested to match them with the right print method. Everything from the factory floor to lighting is designed & optimized to aid production.